Cleveland Browns Free Agency Live Blog – Rumors, Signings, and More (Day 2)

We are on to Day 2 of free agency for the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the NFL. We should have some more contract-related news today, and who knows — maybe the Browns will even pull off a couple more trades or signings!

This thread will act as a “live blog” of sorts, with brief but important updates about the latest rumors, signings, or trades involving Cleveland or other NFL teams. You should also use the comments section as your free agency open thread! (Newest updates will be at the top of the live blog below)

2019 Browns Free Agency Live Blog – Day 2

8:00 AM: Good morning, Browns fans! If you missed our Day 1 action, you can check that out here. We are on to Day 2 of free agency now, and to start things off, I wanted to highlight this gem of how current Giants GM Dave Gettleman is actually responsible for the Browns getting both WR Jarvis Landry and WR Odell Beckham Jr, in a roundabout way:

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Author: Chris Pokorny

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