Players you do NOT want the Titans to draft

Metcalf and DGB are nothing alike. DGB had character flaws and a lack of work ethic. Metcalf comes from an NFL family and he is known for his work ethic that’s why he looks like Superman.

A lot of people talk about his low production. Just to put that into context, he got got hurt early his freshman year so redshirted, had a good 2nd year, and then got hurt again mid way through his 3rd. Ole Miss has been loaded at receiver AJ Brown was the best in school history and Damarkus Lodge was a stud too who should go in round 2-3.

Besides injuries Metcalf did not disappoint in college. Go look at his game winner against Kentucky or his first play touchdown against Bama. Ole Miss just had really bad coaching and a lot of talented pass catchers to feed

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