Breaking News – Titans sign OG Saffold

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  1. He’ll be a big help in the run game. He’s one of the best in the league in that area.

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  2. JR fixing all the holes to make a push this year, woot! I’m concerned we don’t have a second starter EDGE guy though, and relying on even a 1st rounder to fill that role is sketchy. Who’s even left out there, Houston? I think I’ve seen most of the other big names have already signed.

  3. Expensive.

  4. Good signing, blocking killed us early on

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  5. Worth it.

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  6. Pricey but worth it. Interior o line was a disaster last season, he’ll obviously be a big help there. Hopefully we take advantage of a deep draft class of dlinemen next

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  7. I was about to tag you, I knew you would love this one

  8. Hopefully

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