Le’Veon Bell made his free agency decision, and he’ll be suiting up in the Jets backfield, likely for the next four years (barring a trade). Still, he left $14.5 million on the table last season, and he’ll never recoup that money.

Bell ended up settling for a $52.5 million contract, with $35 million guaranteed, and in doing the math, it’s really looking like he should’ve played last season on the franchise tag. However, he doesn’t seem to feel that way.

He spoke to reporters at his introductory press conference on Thursday, and he made it very clear that he doesn’t have any regrets sitting out last season.

“I don’t regret anything that happened,” Bell said, as transcribed by NFL.com. “Obviously, everything happened for a reason. Who can say if I played last year if I do go out there and play on a one-year (deal) or franchise tag that I do get hurt, do I end up sitting here today being with the New York Jets? On the other side of it, if I go out there and do play on the franchise tag and I get another 400 carries, who’s to say that a team would pay me after 400 carries?”

Bell appeared to be excited about signing his new contract.

He may have no regrets, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a wise decision.