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S.N.O.T.: (3/16/2019) FEATURED ARTICLE | Texans Bull Blog

By Texans Bull Blog Staff, on March 17th, 2019 Featured Houston Texans Article Hi Houston Texans Fans Here’s some info that I think you will like taking a peek at. S.N.O.T.: (3/16/2019) Take off your pants and jacket it’s

Texans Links Of The Week For | Texans Bull Blog

Deshaun Watson played at an extremely high level last year with little to no help within the offensive line the defensive edge conSIStently crashed down on Deshaun and the interior would get whooped at the most inopportune times Deshaun…

S.N.O.T.: (3/16/2019)

I'm in the midst of a BBQ Pitmaster marathon and now I'm a nihilist. I was upset about the Angelo Blackson signing until I remembered Ryan Griffin is still on the roster. I've had three non-alcoholic beers and now I’m born again. I can see…

BRB Group Think: Houston Texans Memories

As a sports fan, once you turn eighty years old, you want to tell your kids and grandkids all of your favorite stories from the “good ole days.” As a kid, I remember hearing stories about Bobby Orr’s Bruins and Bill Russell’s Celtics. That…